1,100 miles and we're all in one piece

We arrived in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday and it's great to be here.  We gave ourselves 3 days to make the 1,100 miles drive, not knowing how it would be to trail our home behind us. The first night we slept in a Walmart parking lot (most stores allow RVs to park overnight) and it was awesome. We met some curious shoppers asking about Music in Familiar Spaces (thanks to our logo on the trailer!), got a good night's sleep, some practice and managed to make a nice home-cooked breakfast. We were both surprised at how comfortable and self-sufficient our new home was, even in a parking lot (though the second night in a campground was even better)!

Despite a relatively easy trip, we are glad to be parked in one place for a week. Our lovely hosts live 2 minutes walking distance from a really cool part of Madison (Monroe St) with lots of shops, a great bike path, and even a Trader Joes!

This week Steuart will be playing as soloist with the Madison Bach Musicians and next week we will have our first Music in Familiar Spaces concert! We'll be playing a program of early American music 'What Wondrous Love' with violinist and friend Kangwon Kim. If you  know anyone in Madison, please invite them!