a tour of our tiny home on wheels

We've been on the road for about two months now and one of the most surprisingly wonderful things about the tour has been our little home on wheels. Bringing our home with us allows us to sleep in the same bed every night, shop for, store and cook our own food, have our clothes put away in closets instead of packed up in a suitcase. Despite being in a new place every week, we can always come home to our "familiar space". 

Last month a good friend of ours and wonderful photographer Mathias Reed put together a little video tour of the trailer. You'll forgive our sleepiness in the video - Steuart had played a concert the night before, and we had to get up early to head off to the next city. Ah, the life of a traveling musician :)

Please share the video with yours friends, and don't forget to check out our latest concerts!