crowd-sourcing venues

In these few months before the tour launches we are busy setting up concerts. Being in Europe and setting up concerts in the US can be a bit complicated so we're relying on friends to suggest and scout out the venues.

So what kind of spaces are we looking for and what makes them a good venue? Here's our venue wish-list:

photo by Mathias Reed

photo by Mathias Reed

Public spaces (cafes, breweries, churches, meeting houses, retail stores, schools, art galleries... to name a few):

-  it should be familiar to people
-  it should be able to accommodate at least 50 people
-  the acoustics should be decent
-  if it's a very busy and noisy place, it should be able to get quiet (staff willing to keep volume down, or sectioning off a part of the venue for the concert). This is not background music :)
- it does not have to have previously hosted a concert
- it should be connected to or involved in the local community
- it should be relatively easy to get to (and park, if necessary)

Private spaces (homes)

-  the home should be able to accommodate at least 30 people
- the host would provide seating for everyone (borrowing chairs from the neighbors, or cushions on the floor!)
-  the acoustics should be decent (not on carpet)
-  if neighbors can hear the concert, they should be okay with it

Interested in learning more or suggesting a venue? Shoot us an email or comment below.