the route - a rough sketch

photo: Mathias Reed

photo: Mathias Reed

UPDATE (July 26): detailed tour route now posted here!

From October 2015 to October 2016 we will travel the country, bringing music to your familiar spaces. A couple of months back we announced the project to our friends and family, asking for their feedback, venue suggestions and volunteers to host us. The response was overwhelming.

Friends and friends of friends across the country wrote to say that they would love to connect us with their community, and they gave us great ideas for places to play. 

The next step was to plan our route. We printed out a big map of the US, taped it to our wall and started plotting out the stops. After four years of living in a country about the size of Massachusetts, we quickly had to readjust our sense of distances. After considering driving time, weather (better to avoid Texas in August and Michigan in January, right?), Steuart's engagements in Europe, and the responses from friends, we came up with a tentative route that brings us to at least 29 states in 12 months. 

We will be working out the details over the next couple of months, but for now here's a basic overview of where we'll be when (this can, and probably will, change!). We hope by August to be able to give you a more detailed list of dates and cities. 


October - Wisconsin & Illinois
November - Tennessee & South Carolina (with some time in Europe)
December - Georgia & Texas


January  - Oklahoma & Louisiana (with some time in Europe)
February - Texas
March - Missouri, Indiana & Ohio
April - Virginia, Pennsylvania & Delaware
May - New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts & Maine
June - Vermont, Maine, Montreal, Michigan & Ohio
July - Ohio, Iowa & driving out west
August - Washington & Oregon
September - California
October - southwest (TBD)

It's not too late to suggest venues or volunteer to host us. Click here to find out how you can get involved.