getting ready to hit the road

It's just over one week since we've moved back to the U.S. from the Netherlands and we are far from adjusted. Reverse culture shock is real, and we're feeling it. Why is the cereal aisle as big as our neighborhood Albert Heijn? 

We've hit the ground running getting work done on the trailer and planning the tour. Just a few days after arriving, we got a HUGE boost in encouragement and energy from exceeding our Kickstarter goal. We were completely blown away by the support from friends, family and strangers alike! The funds raised from our Kickstarter are helping to prepare the trailer for full-time living, purchasing promotional material and equipment needed for the tour and working with visual artists. 

One of the coolest things about the Kickstarter (besides the money) is that we now have over 100 people literally invested in our project. We know that when someone invests their money in something, they tend to care about it and they want to see it succeed. Music in Familiar Spaces will not succeed without a wide net of support. This campaign confirmed that we have people all over the country, indeed the world, who are supporting the project right alongside us!

As I write, Steuart and my dad are installing a new (super efficient) ceiling fan in the trailer, and starting to build the bed. There's a lot to do, but we're excited and energized to do it!