a brief detour

Greetings from the Netherlands! We're in Europe for a couple of weeks, and no, we didn't take our trailer with us. Steuart is presenting his Bach & Beer concert at the Concertgebouw Brugge and then the two of us will present a concert of early American music in Antwerp. From Belgium Steuart is off to Germany to play the final concert of the 4rooms tour (a two-year project) with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop. It's great to be back in Europe and also a little strange - we haven't exactly "settled" anywhere since moving from the Hague, so in many ways this still feels like home. At the end of the month we'll head back to the US to continue the tour, starting in the Dallas area. You'll find a full list of our upcoming concerts at the end of this email.

After the holidays we presented a few concerts in and around Springfield, MO before heading to Europe. Steuart was a bit nervous to play in his old stomping grounds (his former teacher and colleagues from the symphony were in the audience) but the Bach & Beer concert at Mother's Brewery was a highlight of the tour so far. Here's a little video clip:

The last month of the tour has been really encouraging. We started saying things to each other like, "wow, I think this is working" and "yes, we can do this" - phrases we didn't dare speak just two months ago. We've gotten into a rhythm with most things - living in our tiny home, publicizing the concerts, preparing for concerts - and it feels good. We've also been getting some great media attention. Here's a link to one of our favorite articles so far >>

And here are some photos from the last leg of the tour:

Our next concerts will take place in Texas (Dallas area), Oklahoma and Missouri. If you know anyone in those areas, please invite them to our concerts!