the future of Music in Familiar Spaces

It's hard to believe that it's been three months since our last blog post. We are slowly adjusting to life in one place and beginning to process some of the experiences from last year. After taking two months off from organizing concerts, this last week we had two Bach & Beer shows in the area. It was a bit strange to load up all of the gear and drive over to the venue - it felt almost normal and yet from a very different time in our lives. The two concerts were exactly what we could have hoped for, and a great reminder of the value in Music in Familiar Spaces.

Steuart discusses Bach & Beer with Foolproof Brewing owner in Rhode Island

Steuart discusses Bach & Beer with Foolproof Brewing owner in Rhode Island

That's why we're so excited that Music in Familiar Spaces is not stopping! Not only will we continue to organize concerts when possible (though not nearly to the same extent as during the tour), we've established an entire collective of musicians to carry on the mission. This MFS Artist Collective is made up of some of the finest classical musicians from all over the globe, each committed to drawing new audiences to classical music through engaging and accessible concerts. Members of the Artist Collective will use a model we developed (called the Music in Familiar Spaces Model) to set up their own MFS concerts all across Europe and North America! We have also established some official Music in Familiar Spaces venues. Members of the Artist Collective will work with these venues (and other venues in their own communities) to organize concerts throughout the year. We've developed extensive resources - including venue and contact databases, various templates and program ideas - for the members of the Collective to use, all on a secure "MFS Artists-only" section of the website.

We've already heard back from most of the artists we've invited to take part in this initial launch year and their responses have been incredible! Just as when we started the tour back in October 2015 and we didn't know whether this idea would actually work, we weren't sure how other musicians would respond to the idea of an Artist Collective. Thankfully, their excitement has exceeded our expectations!

Over the next few months we'll be finalizing the MFS Artists resources, adding the profiles of the MFS Artists to the website and establishing Music in Familiar Spaces as an official non-profit organization (501c3). We're incredibly excited about this new phase of Music in Familiar Spaces. We hope you'll stay in touch - if you haven't already signed up for our newsletter make sure to do that (there's a form on our homepage).