what makes the MFS Artist Collective different?

For the last couple of months we've been inviting a select group of musicians - some of the leaders in the field - to join the MFS Artist Collective. These musicians are each committed to carrying on the mission of Music in Familiar Spaces: to create opportunities for people of all backgrounds to engage with and enjoy classical music at its highest level. We're truly honored to have such talented, hardworking and exceptional artists on board.

You can read all about the members on our newly-launched MFS Artist Collective page. Pretty awesome, huh? We've also been busy building an entire MFS Artists Members portal (this is for MFS Artists only). It includes lots of detailed resources, databases, templates and tools for the MFS Artists to get started in organizing their own MFS-model concerts. Pretty soon, Music in Familiar Spaces concerts will be popping up all over North America and Europe! Curious what the MFS Model entails? Read more about it here.

Someone recently asked us what makes Music in Familiar Spaces different from some other organizations with similar missions, i.e. expanding the classical music audience. While we're really happy that there are great organizations working hard to accomplish this mission, we do think that MFS is taking a unique, and much-needed approach:

First of all, Music in Familiar Spaces involves musicians who have established a top-level career in classical music. They are outstanding performers and they're all well-respected in their fields. (have you checked out these amazing musicians yet??) This is essential to the MFS model: we want to bring the classical music experience at its highest level to new spaces and audiences. Of course we love seeing musicians of all levels innovating when it comes to classical music, but MFS maintains a level of quality not seen in any other organization like it.

Secondly, Music in Familiar Spaces exists for the benefit of the musician, not just the audience. Essentially, we are handing the MFS Artists a business model and tools to make money as an artist while doing meaningful work. A lot of organizations ask musicians to play concerts for very little or no pay. We know how hard it is for classical musicians (especially freelancers) to earn a reasonable income. It almost always requires a significant amount of travel and time away from home and family. MFS Artists now have the tools to setup a concert on their own terms, in almost any town or city. Members can also organize concerts in their own community, allowing them to stay home and earn a decent concert fee. This allows the MFS Artist to build deeper ties to their home community, something that is often difficult for the traveling musician. All of this while making the concerts affordable to anyone!

We're so excited to see how Music in Familiar Spaces grows. Throughout the year, MFS Artists will not only organize more concerts, they'll be creating relationships with venues, building the MFS audience base and sharing those contacts, venues and program ideas with one another. We made the decision to limit the number of MFS Artists for this first year to make sure we can devote the time and energy necessary to make it a huge success! Imagine already how quickly the MFS network will spread with these first 50 amazing performers.  Stay tuned for more updates as the MFS Artist Collective gets rolling!