Daniel Walden :: piano/early keyboards (United States)


Daniel Walden :: piano/early keyboards (United States)

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About Daniel


Oerknal! - Founding member and Piano


Boston, MA

Other Interests:

photography, writing, travel





Daniel is a performer on modern piano and harpsichord, acclaimed for his “extreme virtuosity” (Alex Ross, New Yorker) and “effortless elegance” (NewMusicBox).   He has appeared in performances throughout the United States and Europe as both a solo and chamber artist in programs that span the full range of keyboard repertory.  Recent highlights include performances with Ensemble Oerknal (The Netherlands), of which he is a founding member, a recording with Fonema Consort (Chicago), and the release of Daniel’s first CD, featuring Tristan Perich’s Dual Synthesis for harpsichord and electronics, which was praised as “one of the most outstanding recordings of new music in this century” by New York Classical Review and selected by the Mahan Esfahani of the New York Times as one of the "Five Harpsichord Works You Need to Know."  Daniel is currently a PhD Candidate in Music Theory at Harvard University, after receiving an MPhil in Music Studies with distinction at University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar and Derek Cornwell Scholar in Instrumental Performance.  He is also a recipient of the Leonore Annenberg Young Artist Fellowship, which unites his theoretical and performance activities in a multi-year project including the construction of a microtonal harpsichord based on sixteenth-century models, accompanied by performances and recordings featuring the instrument through the juxtaposition of early modern and contemporary compositions.