James Munro :: double bass/violone (Netherlands)

James M. headshot.jpg
James M. headshot.jpg

James Munro :: double bass/violone (Netherlands)

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About James


Ensemble Ausonia - Co-founder; Anima Eterna Brugge - Principal Bass, Freiburger Barockorchester - Co-Principal Bass


The Hague

Other Interests:

Gardening, Tai Chi Chuan





Born and bred in Australia, of Scottish and Irish blood, James "returned" to Europe in 1990 in search of new, past and familiar challenges. Performing music from the Renaissance to the present day, with a particular love for what is otherwise referred to as "Early Music" he has over the decades forged a strong affinity with historical "bass" instruments and their inherent expressive charms. James can still be enticed onto a stage to perform the great orchestral works of the "classical" canon, although is even closer to his element in the intimate company of a chosen few familiar voices.