René Schiffer :: cello/viola da gamba/composer (United States)

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René Schiffer :: cello/viola da gamba/composer (United States)

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About René


Apollo's Fire - Principal Cello; Ensemble 00221 - founder and Musical Director


Cleveland, OH

Other Interests:

History, languages


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Is there any connection between Einstein's discovery of relativity in 1905, Schoenberg's first employment of atonality in 1909 and Kandinsky's first non-figurative painting in or around 1910? Schiffer, principal cellist of Apollo's Fire, is convinced there is, and is passionate in sharing his discoveries of the essence of music and the arts as mirrors of the human experience. Historical performance is only a part of this quest, as much of what he thinks of as truth in music transcends the mere historicity of the instruments and the musical styles. Schiffer's playing, composing and lecturing is dedicated to the uncovering of these truths, and the joy music is supposed, by its nature, to provide the player and the listener.