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MFS Mailing List

The database below includes the contact details of people who have expressed interest in learning about future MFS concerts. Some contacts have been designated as "volunteers" - these people are willing to volunteer for concerts in their area (pending their availability). MFS Artists are given exclusive permission to use this mailing list for MFS concerts only. Please do not use for any other purpose, or share with anyone outside of the Collective.

(the database might take a moment or two to load)


1. The following is a list of everyone who has signed up to receive more information about MFS concerts. **YOU MAY NOT USE THIS LIST FOR ANY PURPOSE OTHER THAN MFS-RELATED ACTIVITIES**

2. We must make it possible for recipients to UNsubscribe from the mailing list. Therefore, you must include the following at the end of every email you send to MFS audience contacts: "If you no longer wish to receive emails about Music in Familiar Spaces, please use the following link to unsubscribe from our mailing list:"

3. This list is meant for targeted-emails only, meaning you can email people in a specific location, or email an individual to see whether they are interested in volunteering. You may NOT send an email to the entire list. As an organization we need to limit the number of mass emails (emails that are sent to the entire list). If you would like something included on our regular mass emails, please email Michelle and Steuart.

4. To send an email to audience members in a particular location, you may filter the results by location (ie particular states/provinces/regions/countries) and then export the results as an excel document. You may then copy and paste the email addresses to your email. You may also contact people directly who are interested in volunteering in a particular area. These potential volunteers may not always be available to help out, but they may be able to connect you with someone who can.