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The follow program outlines may be used by any member of the MFS Artist Collective. We ask that verbal credit be given to the program designer whenever possible (when introducing the program to your audience, or in a media interview, etc.). The programs may also be adjusted and changed as needed.

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We encourage members of the Collective to add their own successful program ideas using the form to the right.


Bach & Beer

 - by Steuart Pincombe 

For solo cello.

Three Bach cello suites are interlaced with short explanations of the musician's historical, interpretive approach along with comments on the historical brewing method of each beer. The audience is invited to observe and interact with this conversation between the artist and brewer resulting in a fresh ear for the Bach suites and a fresh taste for different brews! (approx. 90 min.) 

Bach & Beer was selected by the Cleveland Plain Dealer as one of the 'Top 10 Classical Events of 2014'



- by Steuart Pincombe

For solo cello.

A relaxed, fun program featuring virtuosic pieces from the earliest to latest music for solo cello without the endpin (1689-1875). Three different bow styles (baroque, transitional, and "modern") are used to sample works by Gabrielli, Bach, Duport, and Piatti. It's a program that shows audiences how the form of the "tools" function in creating music of different styles. (approx. 60 min.)

BEET_2_colored beans.png

Coffee with Beethoven

 - by Joe Puglia & Steuart Pincombe
For violin, viola, and cello.

 It is recorded that (when he had guests) Beethoven would count out exactly 60 beans to brew his perfect cup of coffee. The Coffee with Beethoven concert is a time for everyone to get to know Beethoven as if they were sitting down for a cup of coffee with him! Admittedly, it is a one-sided conversation, but this concert is a chance to hear from the man Beethoven through readings of some of his more entertaining letters and performances of his fantastic chamber music! In addition to hearing from the cafe or coffee roaster, they will serve a "Coffee of  Beethoven" - Beethoven's 60 bean cup! (approx. 90 min.)

Schubert Swan Song

- by Steuart Pincombe

For violin, cello, and piano.

Step into a comfortable setting that is inspired by 19th century salon concerts and become familiar with Franz Schubert during the end of his life through his words and music. Works include selections from Fantasia in C minor,  Schwanengesang, Piano Trio in E-flat, and Notturno in E-flat. All from Schubert's last compositional year, these pieces are interlaced with short readings of his letters, song texts, and other writings. (approx. 60 min.)


The Bach Reader

- by Steuart Pincombe

For solo cello.

A program that will bring the audience into the world of J.S. Bach not only through his music, but through real historical accounts of the man. Featuring selections from Bach's six cello suites, the cellist presents the readings interlaced with reactionary movements from the suites, giving listeners a sense of Bach both as a real person and brilliant composer. (approx. 60 min.)

Coffee and Culture - cello and guitar music from coffee-growing countries

A concert and conversation about artisnal coffee and the music that comes from those coffee-growing countries ...

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