The Music in Familiar Spaces Model

The Music in Familiar Spaces Model is a set of four criteria for organizing, presenting and promoting concerts. It was developed by Steuart and Michelle Pincombe during their yearlong North American tour, the first phase of the Music in Familiar Spaces movement.

The model has proved successful in attracting large audiences to classical music concerts, with many of the concert-goers having little or no previous exposure to live classical music. The four essential elements of a Music in Familiar Spaces concert are:

  1. Innovative and engaging programs that are designed to appeal to a wide audience, keeping in mind those who have little to no context for understanding the western classical music tradition.
  2. Bringing the highest level of concerts into non-traditional, yet familiar spaces, places where a wide range of people will feel comfortable.
  3. Using a new financial model that minimizes ordinary concert overhead costs and asking concert-goers to “name-their-own-ticket-price”, paying only what they can afford.
  4. Promoting the concert through grassroots efforts to expand the typical target audience.

Music in Familiar Spaces has established a collective of musicians - known as the MFS Artist Collective - who use this model, together with extensive member-only resources, to organize their own grassroots concerts (check out the calendar to see if there are any concerts coming up near you!).

Questions? Feel free to send them to: If you are interested in having Steuart & Michelle present an in-depth workshop on the Music in Familiar Spaces Model at your university or organization please send us an email.

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